Experience the Perks of Softer Water

Hard water can cause annoying build-up around water fixtures, damage to appliances, and irritate your skin and hair. BestWater of Southwest Kansas offers water softeners for both residential and commercial customers in Dodge City, KS, to combat these issues.

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Soft Water Makes All the Difference

Our state-of-the-art Hellendbrand water softener systems eliminate unwanted hard water minerals, providing cleaner, softer water.

Water System Maintenance

Our affordable services ensure worry-free operation of your water system. With experienced factory technicians equipped to promptly repair your Hellenbrand Water Softener. Let us schedule your annual maintenance that guarantees the BEST-tasting, purest water!


By installing a Hellenbrand water softening system from BestWater, you can enjoy numerous benefits of softer, cleaner water. Experience the joy of soft, silky water that enhances your skin, hair, and daily household chores – allow us to enhance your quality of life!

At BestWater, we proudly offer Hellenbrand water softening systems, known for their exceptional quality and performance. As your trusted water experts, we provide complete installation, service, and ongoing maintenance for these outstanding systems.

Residential Product Lineup

We may not have all the equipment listed on hand, but we can easily get it for you!

ProMate 1 Series

Experience reliable soft water for your home, promoting a higher quality of life for your family.

ProMate 6.0

The standard softener featuring advanced Vortech™ distribution plate technology for maximum efficiency.

ProMate 6.5 DMT

Solve multiple city and municipal water problems simultaneously and efficiently with this advanced system.

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Discover BestWater’s superior water solutions for commercial customers. Our Hellebrand water softening systems guarantee top-quality performance. We handle everything – from installation to comprehensive service and maintenance. Enjoy the benefits of our High Efficiency Water Softening Systems that eliminate scale and mineral buildup, saving on equipment costs and maintenance.

Experience the luxury of soft, clean water that improves the quality of life for your employees and customers. Trust our exceptional installation, service, and maintenance for all your commercial water softening needs.

Commercial Product Lineup

HWS H-125 (1.25″)

Standard flow rate for efficient 1.25″ systems.

HWS H-151 (1.5″)

High flow rate for improved performance in 1.5″ systems.

HWS H-200 M (2″)

Standard flow rate for reliable 2″ systems.

HWS H-200 (2″)

Highest flow rates for exceptional performance in 2″ systems.

HWS H-300 (3″)

Standard flow rates for robust 3″ systems.

Water Filtration System

Water Treatment Services in Dodge City, KS

Iron Water Filtration

BestWater of Southwest Kansas offers Hellenbrand’s industry leading solutions in your water. Featuring the ProMate 6 Iron Storm with Ozone-powered technology, this system effectively filters iron without chemicals. With the ProMate 6 Iron Curtain IC (2.0) you’re able to say goodbye to unwanted odors and discoloration in your water and enjoy clean, great-tasting water with our customizable Iron Water Filtration systems.

UV Filtration

Enhance the effectiveness of your water softening system with BestWater’s UV Filtration add-on service. Our UV filtration technology eliminates harmful bacteria and viruses from your drinking water, ensuring every drop is pure and safe. Enjoy the benefits of softened water and peace of mind knowing your water is free from contaminants.

Experience the benefits of soft water – contact us now to schedule an appointment and find the perfect water softener system for your home.