Improving Water Quality Since 1988

Have you ever noticed build up around your water faucets? How about your soap and shampoo not lathering like it should, requiring you to use more? This is due to what’s called hard water. BestWater of Southwest Kansas in Dodge City, KS can remedy this through the installation of a state-of-the-art LINDYSPRING water softener system.

This water softener system removes unwanted hard water minerals, which are prevalent throughout southwest Kansas. The elimination of these minerals extends the life of your dishwasher or washing machine. It also gives you softer skin and shinier hair. We offer installation and maintenance on three models:

Enjoy many excellent add-ons like a lifetime warranty on the tank, salt tank and a 10-year warranty on the valve body and electronics with your purchase of a LINDYSPRING water softener system. Our factory-trained technicians provide water testing and help fit you with a water softening system that’s right for your home or business. Schedule your free estimate today!

water kiosk in parking lot

For more information about our water kiosk, filtration, and cooler systems, please contact us at 620-225-7338. We look forward to providing you with fresh, clean water for years to come!