Our goal at BestWater of Southwest Kansas is to provide our customers in Dodge City, KS and the surrounding area with fresh, clean water filtration solutions. Since 1988, we’ve helped families and businesses by providing the best drinking water through our water filtration and softener systems. We also offer water kiosks in four locations where you can fill your water bottle with healthy and delicious filtered water at an affordable price.

The four water kiosk units are the only fully ETL-INTERTEK and NAMA listed vending machines on the market. This is an excellent option for families who have a standalone water cooler for drinking water and want to quickly fill up their bottles without adding a filtration system to their home.

Water Kiosk Benefits

  • Micro-Filtration – Removes suspended solids
  • Activated Carbon – Removes chlorine and other organic compounds
  • Reverse Osmosis – To remove minerals, salts, heavy metals and up to 98% of all total dissolved solids
  • Ultraviolet light – control bacteria, virus, cysts, and other micro-organisms. U.V. sanitizes the water

water kiosk in parking lot

BestWater Kiosk Locations in Dodge City, KS

412 South 2nd Ave

2703 Gary Street

1701 North 14th St.

1201 W Wyatt Earp Blvd

For more information about our water kiosk, filtration, and softening water systems, please contact us at 620-225-7338. We look forward to providing you with fresh, clean water for years to come!